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  • Sydenham Tennis Club Lawrie Park Road London, England, SE26 6ET United Kingdom (map)

Yoga Nidra is an invitation to come as you are, lie down and allow your body to fully let go into a deep state of relaxation as my voice takes you on a guided meditation / exploration around your physical body.

Session starts with roughly 15 min of Yin Yoga then 45 min Nidra, where you set yourself up with pillows, blankets, lavender eye pillows and bolsters; The idea is that once your body is absolutely comfortable, it can also remain absolutely still and centre.

Nidra translates as Yogic Sleep, or sleep that is yoga, though in fact it's not a sleep but an awakening. It induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  Swami Rama describes it this way; ' Yoga Nidra is a state of conscious sleep in which one can record what is going on. There is a fine distinction between Yoga Nidra and Samadhi. In Yoga Nidra one can record those experiences which he cannot receive in the conscious state. When one cannot register something properly in the waking state,they can go into Yoga Nidra to register it..'

If you've never tried a Nidra class, you'd be pleasantly surprised at how it helps you feel deeply rejuvenated, as well as with a calm and clear state of mind!

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Later Event: 3 March
Monthly Yoga Nidra