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Full Moon Women's Circle

  • Ninth Life Pub 167 Rushey Green London, England, SE6 4BD United Kingdom (map)

Really pleased to share that I will finally be starting a new monthly women’s circle- held either on Full moon night or the Sunday closest to the Full moon!


Women’s circles— are safe, sacred spaces for us to tune out of daily life and demands, reconnect to our divine feminine, to our wisdom, strength and passion. The practice is informally infused with elements of my training in yoga, meditation, movement, ancient Egyptian heritage, chakra knowledge, and moon magic. Each circle is a gift and each woman joining is adding her flavour to the larger circle of sisterhood and solidarity, which is often lacking in today’s world.

We sit in a circle, start with a check in; a chance to share who you are, how you’re truly feeling and have a few minutes each to speak about anything you desire. There is true power in just being heard, really listened to. No advice is offered and no interruptions for each speaker. No obligation to speak either for shy or first timers..

At the end of the session, we will have a light meal, so please do bring anything homemade or that you wish to share to add to the mood of nourishment and connection. After all food is life.

Why? To heal, connect and provide support for one another. Safe spaces for women to let go, share and connect without the male gaze, without the need to be in business or professional persona mode. To completely and utterly allow oneself to just be.

Intimate gatherings where women discuss goals, concerns, stories, and advice—have been around since ancient times. Across history there have been many societies including Ancient Egyptians, native Americans to the Ulithi of the South Pacific, to the Beng of Africa’s Ivory Coast,where Women’s circles and Red tents were the norm.

In the temples of India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumeria, and ancient Europe, women were taught to develop their powers of perception, intuition, and how to refine the powerful energy of emotion. They learned how to awaken nurture and enhance their feminine gifts. Today, women are reclaiming their spiritual power and innate wisdom, creating community and taking up leadership once more.

When? Full moon night or the closest to Sunday to the full moon.

We will cover varying topics and themes including Self Love, Forgiveness, Family, Friendships, Transitions, Health & Wellness, Moon Circles, and more.

Intention setting will be a major part of the Women’s Circles, which doesn’t need to be voiced however highly useful for each participant to have an Intention they wish to connect to and manifest from and through that space.

There is no obligation to share or speak unless one wants to, but no interruptions or unsolicited advice to any other ladies who choose to speak.

Any questions, please do get in touch!

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