What is Wellness?

What is Wellness?

In my view, wellness is a conscious and active participation in your own physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual and mental well-being. It's not merely the absence of illness or disease but much more at the opposite end of the spectrum. Wellness in its purest form is when the body, mind and spirit are working cohesively in unison so that life is like a dance or flow in this beautiful upward spiral of aliveness. Its when you're crystalised into the absolute best version of yourself, or simply Wholeness and ultimately Self-Realisation.

To fully understand Wellness though I have been blessed to be the daughter of two profoundly sick individuals; one mentally and the other physically. Both feeling powerless to change their states and often blaming the other as the cause of their own ill health, therefore carrying each other on an incredibly turbulent downward spiral into chronic illness. Neither got the chance to ever feel full wellness in this lifetime as this downward spiral sadly never has a happy ending..

I also witnessed the scars of sickness; saw how it spilled over into every nook and cranny of my existence, as well as others close to me, and the subsequent ripple effects on my mental, emotional and psychological states of being. I know firsthand what an absence of wellness looks, feels and smells like, as its visceral to me now; it has an energetic frequency which I recognise from a mile away and avoid.

From this early experience with un-wellness I made a conscious choice to get as healthy, positive and well as possible, in body, mind and spirit. As always you start from the bottom up with the bare minimal that is within your control, like food, exercise and surrounding yourself with like-minded, disciplined people who want the same as you for themselves.

My aim is to continue live in full wellness on all levels, while empowering others to do the same. Over the years my blueprint for wellness has changed so I can continue growing and evolving; these days thinking much more circular so have also incorporated creativity and sustainability...

More on those later though!

So here are my top 5 Simple Ways to Stay well Daily

:1. As soon as you rise, drink a glass of warm lemon juice then move your body; dance, yoga, run, inversions, whatever just MOVE!

2: Have an alkalising green juice/smoothie daily; include kale or spinach, a banana, nuts,seeds, spirulina or chloryphll powders, maca, coconut oil.. Trust me you'll glow and have s***tloads of natural energy.

3. Do something creative for the fun of it; think process not product. We're all born to Create, its actually our birthright, so stop with your excuses ad get creating!

4. Meet up with a good friend who you know loves you unconditionally, will listen to you and lift your spirits. Too many people these days are incredibly lonely, silent in their personal hell, so reach out and connect with those good feeling friends, you may just save their life.

5. Learn when to take a step back, especially when you encounter a mental block, leave the task at hand, go sit or lie down in nature for at least 10 min a day, socks + shoes off, feet earthed; cloudgazing, daydreaming..

So that's me for Wellness, would love to hear other ways, ideas and rituals that others do to keep healthy and balanced.

So what makes you feel Well?