Let's face it, waking up can be downright painful at times, especially as we move into the colder darker months. Good news is you can set the tone for a positive, powerful day if you start the day with a few simple rituals that become your personal routine. These can be quite self empowering as they help with focus and discipline and starting off on a high note, as well as giving you time to sense and be aware of where you're presently at.

People from ancient cultures had clearly understood the power of rituals in reinforcing habits and changing the way they see and create their reality a very long time ago. In this day and age, the most common trait of really successful people is awareness of the power they have in co-creating their reality through changing the way they think or believe their reality to be. One of the most effective ways of changing our belief patterns is through practicing and maintaining daily rituals. Can be as short as 15 minutes or up to one hour, whatever you feel works best for you. No time? We do always find time for things we enjoy doing, things that we know add value to our lives and make us feel good. So don't be surprised if you find yourself waking up a little bit earlier each day to squeeze in all the good stuff!

Here is a short list of my top 7 rituals that I do at least half of each and every morning..

1. Record my dreams

Upon waking, I don't move an inch! This allows the dreams to linger so they're still tangible, then as soon as I open my eyes I grab my dream diary, scribble down whatever is still visible, without trying to make sense of it. Why? Your dreams are insights that come direct from your subconscious on your night travels, a third of your life is spent sleeping, don't you think it'd be useful to know where you go and what you get up to?

2. Glass of warm lemon juice + ginger

Apart from being a good source of vitamin C and a simple way of flushing out toxins in the morning, it balances and maintains the PH levels in the body and helps nourish brain and nerve cells.

3. Short 10 min yoga sequence and breathwork

Normally start with a few rounds of sun salutations, cat-cow, twists, balance and back-bends. Then I either do breath of fire for a few rounds or alternate nostril breathing, or both. Do what your body feels it needs. 

4.Stream of consciousness; Journaling,

Julie Cameron's book the The Artist's Way got me into this method which I find so utterly useful in pulling out the weeds of my mind. It's just 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing, no judging, no rereading, no analysing, just letting it all flow out of your head and onto that blank white page..

5. Meditation / Visualisation

I sit and notice my breath, notice the stream of thoughts and then move away from them into focusing on the sensation of breathing. Then I'll start to visualise exactly how I'd like my day to pan out, seeing myself smooth and effortlessly completing at least 3 things I know I need done. Normally end it with setting an Intention; a simple word or quality I'm cultivating that can guide my day..

6. Brain juice for Breakfast; 

A healthy blended juice of any combo of goodness; OJ, turmeric,walnuts, maca, blueberries, ginger,chia seeds, sunflower seeds, spirulina, kale or any other greens, avocado and coconut oil.

7. Put on some of my uplifting funky music and dance

Have a little shake out, sometimes while I'm making my juice, sometimes while I'm washing the dishes. Hearing is my most dominant sense so I definitely need some good tunes for the day..


Hopefully that inspires you to start your day right. Set aside at least 15 minutes up to 1 hour every day for your morning rituals. Remember you create your reality, don't leave it to chance!