Mary’s Sunday morning class at the Tennis Club is a well spent 90 minutes completely detaching from life’s stresses & strains & a great way to fill up my head with fresh oxygen. I always feel like I’ve stretched out, especially my spine which gets neglected generally. I leave feeling fresher, lighter & a bit taller! Thanks for the fantastic yoga!
— Faye Johnson
I would highly recommend Mary’s Yoga classes . The benefits of her classes are physical but mental and spiritual as well; makes me feel wonderful every class!
— Odette Selva
Mary has an amazing knack to help you clear out the chatter in your head whilst making your body work hard, making her class a super positive experience physically and mentally. Not only that but she’s great fun and never over serious.
— Abi Hemingway
Feeling wonderfully peaceful and full of happiness after Mary’s Sunday morning yoga session. Gentle yet strengthening and including breath work, building a connection between our bodies and spiritual selves, I love her style of teaching.
— Simone Riddle
I first started working with Mary in 2015. I was struggling to recover from knee surgery and my physio recommended yoga as part of my treatment. Mary has always been sensitive to my injury and adjusted her teaching when I can’t hold a certain position. I really enjoy her classes as they are always challenging, but always fun too. Some yoga teachers can be a bit po-faced, but Mary makes the classes fun and always seems to know when to be serious and when to lift the mood. The classes have helped get me back on my bike and culminated in me riding the London Surrey 100 in 2016. This seemed an impossible goal when we first started working together, but her help, advice and support were invaluable. I have kept the classes going and always feel about 2 feet taller when I leave. If I miss a couple of weeks I really notice it physically. 
One of the most impressive aspects of Mary’s classes is that we never do the same routine twice. Each week is different, so it never gets boring. 
My wife and I also use Mary for massage and my daughter has occasionally joined me in yoga classes. She has become a great friend of all the family.
— Stephen Press
Over the last 12 months, my wife and I have had 5-6 massages between us with Mary - all in the comfort of our own home!
She always takes time to understand how you are feeling and what you need from the session.
Mary is very personable and easy to chat to during a massage - equally if you in the mood for relaxation, you are welcome to nod off instead.
She brings along a high quality massage table, oils, music etc so even though you are in your own home, it still feels the same as being in a spa/salon.
Mary gives high quality massages which leave you feeling relaxed - and also gives great general tips on your general wellbeing.
— Geoffrey Davis
My daughter recommended Mary’s yoga class to me. I hadn’t been to a class for many years preferring to practise at home. Yoga has always been important to me. I have found Mary’s teaching to be really useful and informative as well as fun! She allows you to develop my skills and increase my understanding of yoga at my own pace and in a way which suits me (and my body). I waited a while to find the right teacher but feel that I have now!
— Jody Johnson
Mary’s classes are amazing. It is so important to find the right teacher and Mary ticks all the boxes for me. Her classes always give me energy which is needed even more now I’ve had my second baby. Mary is down to earth, kind and inclusive. I would thoroughly recommend her classes.
— Lucie Allen