Starting the new year on a positive note is something most people have no trouble with; fresh with enthusiasm and a vibrant shiny wish list of goals that they wish to will into existence.
But what happens from the first of January to mid February with the withering and waning of our will until we' re left feeling bad, with goals unfulfilled as we've already been broken by our resolutions?

Ironically it's the wanting that’s the problem as the very nature of wanting comes from a space of lack or deficiency and being separate from what we desire.

Which is why I prefer to set Intentions rather than goals..

I suggest setting Intentions instead; it’s much more intelligent as you marry the conscious and subconscious mind to work together to switch on the Reticular activating system to draw towards you all that you seek.

Like at the start of every yoga class, I ask students to set an intention from heart space to guide their practice..Explaining that different from goals, intentions align more with expansion; a bigger picture or even with one's purpose rather than just a goal that's to be ticked off a checklist.

I am aware that this does  leave some confused and stuck in head-space, racking ones brain to think into existence this intention, as one student honestly explained after class. However the main differing points is that one is felt and one is thought of. Goals and common news year's resolutions especially seek to change not just  what we do but also inherently who we are. Which is why they they often fail.

Using goals to begin with as stepping stones to get to intention states can be a useful start as it’s quite practical until you start to really hear the still small voice of intuition which is very different from ego's wanting voice which often drives goals.

Intention speaks to a heart longing, comes from a deep knowing, an inner wisdom that arises from awareness. Spending time daily, even 5-10 minutes in meditation takes us beyond the ego mind where awareness is heightened in the quiet field of all possibilities or pure consciousness. Post- meditation is the best time to plant the seed of your intention in the fertile depths of subconscious mind.

Here are 5 steps to setting powerful intentions; 

1. Set some time daily for a short meditation or mindfulness practice, preferably the same time daily, have a sacred little space or corner that feels comfortable and cosy. Remember its a practice so don’t expect perfection or complete cessation of thoughts, this is both unrealistic and disheartening. You need to step into stillness, silence of pure consciousness where everything exists already and move outward from there.

2.Create a mental movie of a future you living out that which you desire as if it's already happening; make it as vivid and sensory rich as possible, feelings the feelings that would be present if you were truly actualizing this reality. Make it as detailed as you can; who is involved and what kind of interaction are you having; where are you, what’s being said or seen? Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you, to be able to fully step into unfamiliar territory, which is the chaos of creation, where manifestation truly occurs from.

3. Use Conscious and Subconscious Focus, in unison. Continually remind yourself of intention in waking life with triggers, like when you brush your teeth daily use that same time to imagine future you arrived.For eg To create a subconscious pattern for eg you can repeat an ‘I am..’ mantra when you find your mind wandering or even better record in your own voice something like ‘ With every step I take I am moving in the direction of my intended creation’ be specific as possible. Play this on a loop to yourself every night to impress upon the subconscious mind

The universe will take care of the details, all you’re doing is planting and watering the seed with focused attention; conscious and unconsciously.

4.Keep choosing this reality, often we are overwhelmed with choices as society insists we can have it all, so we are often lukewarm with our choices, only halfheartedly directing our energy into what we say we want. Carry on with an unwavering faith and trust.

5.Let it go, the same way you throw a coin into a wishing well..You need to release it and just carry on with your days. Knowing that what you seek is seeking you also. Trust the process.

Let me know how you go with it and remember to keep choosing the same intention and watch your reality change.