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NEW! 6 Week Course - Yoga for Cyclists
to 12 Nov

NEW! 6 Week Course - Yoga for Cyclists

So excited to share that I’ll be offering a no-fuss class specifically targeted for cyclists to stretch and release overused, tight areas such as hips, hamstrings IT band, shoulders and back. Also will include a couple of different breathing techniques to increase lung capacity, helping you breathe more effectively which can help improve performance. Great for mind and body!

Other benefits include;

  • Softening and releasing overused quads, IT band and hips.

  • Improved core strength. As having a strong core enables cyclists to maintain proper spinal alignment and posture – especially on long rides when fatigue starts to set in.

  • Learning to maintain proper bike posture requires adequate flexibility in your lower back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Yoga can train your body to take slower and deeper breaths to maximize your oxygen intake, also learn how to monitor your breathing, making the most of each breath.

  • Quicker recovery time from injuries and learning how to reduce injuries through proper body awareness

  • Increased performance on your rides.

    6 Week Investment Cost; £80 or £15 Dropin

For bookings go to;

Or any further questions email or call me on 07404891872.

Happy Cycling everyone!

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